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Cluster Management
Cluster Management
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How can I move /cm/shared to a dedicated, off-cluster, NFS server?

The explanations on how to configure NFS are in the Bright Cluster Administrator Manual.

But here's a recipe for this particular example of moving from a default local... (More)


Forgotten root mysql password

I've forgotten my MySQL root password. How do I get it back?

Getting the MySQL root password back is diffiicult (sha-1 hash).

Resetting the password is a better solution.
The below instructions are known to work... (More)


I have unfeasibly large mysql .bin logs filling up my /var partition! How do I free up the space they are taking up? Can I prevent the build up in future?

The problem may show up in some cases as... (More)


My snmpwalk is gives incorrect output. How can I fix it?

If the switch cannot report the output of

snmpwalk -c public -v1 -On <switch> .

correctly then the showport command (and port detection in general) will not work out... (More)

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