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Cluster Monitoring
Cluster Monitoring
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Visualization With cmgui; cmgui; cmsh; Monitoring Data Values; User Portal


How do I enable monitoring for the Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA for Bright Cluster Manager?


Installing Intel Acceleration Stack

The Intel Acceleration Stack Runtime package needs to be installed on the nodes that have the Programmable Acceleration Card... (More)


With Bright 8.x this can be done using nodeexecutionfilters.


Modifying the megaraid health check to only be run on a specific set of nodes rather than on all nodes of the cluster.

First, go into the nodeexecutionfilters submode of... (More)


You can add the following trigger using cmsh on your active head node:

# cmsh
% monitoring trigger
% add node_down
% expression
% set measurables devicestatus
% set value down
% set operator ==
% ..
% ..
%... (More)


Consolidation -- how can I see it is working?

Well, usually you don't. Consolidation is an efficient internal storage method that normally just works quietly in the background. So, it is not something that is intended to be viewed directly.... (More)