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Installing A License; Network Settings; Bridge Interfaces; Bonded Interfaces; InfiniBand Interfaces; BMC (IPMI/iLO) Interfaces; Switches And PDUs; Disk Layouts: Disked, Semi-Diskless, And Diskless; NFS Volume Exports And Mounts; Services; Rack; GPU Unit


How do I use LUKS + NBDE "Network-Bound Disk Encryption" to encrypt data on regular Bright nodes?


This FAQ describes how to use Network-Bound Disk Encryption (NBDE) to encrypt non-root volumes or partitions on regular Bright nodes. Support for... (More)


How do I share folders using Samba on a Bright Head Node?

Basically: /etc/samba/smb.conf needs to be modified to add the required share, and shorewall rules should be added to allow traffic through the firewall. This can be done with... (More)

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