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Day-to-day Administration
Day-to-day Administration
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How do I migrate users to a new cluster?

Sometimes the administrator may wish to migrate users from one cluster to another. For example, when setting up a new cluster from scratch.

Since Bright's LDAP uses standard Linux openldap, slapcat... (More)


How do I set per-user resource limits with Cgroups?

You can use cgroups to set various resource limits for users. For example, you might add an entry like this to /etc/cgconfig.conf for restricting memory usage by users:
<br>group memlimit {... (More)

In this KB article we describe the steps needed to configure the Apache httpd web server as a reverse proxy in front of the user portal that CMDaemon serves.

With this setup it is possible to assign a certificate signed... (More)


  • The existing and new installation must run the same major version of Bright Cluster Manager.
  • These instructions will work for Bright 7.3 and 8.X.


Export the existing cmd configuration:

Import the configs to the new installation:

This answer... (More)42