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Online Training Resources
Online Training Resources
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New to Bright?  Want to get started with your own cluster?  

In this section we offer a consolidated view of our many training, video and audio options for enhancing your knowledge of Bright Cluster Manager.  Click on one of the highlighted topics to the right for more information.


On-line Training

Bright's Online training is available for anyone interested in knowing more about how to install, administer, and manage a Bright Cluster - all free of charge.  You will need a customer account at  Once you've registered your account, go to Bright Training Courses.

This training is available for Bright customers for both our paid subscription offerings as well as our Easy8 free license users.



The Bright SpotlightON: Podcast Series features Bright executives and partners showcasing today’s latest trends in HPC.

The podcasts will focus on a combination of Bright Partner initiatives, offerings, and technologies that are enabling the deployment of full-scale HPC, AI, Cloud, and Data Analytics solutions across industries.

Bright SpotLightOn Podcast series.

Video Tutorials


The following recorded demos will show you how Bright Cluster Manager helps you manage all the complexities of deploying and managing large scale clusters.


Bright Video Tutorials

No items available at this time.