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Someone commented 10 months ago

I tried multiple permutations within Bright Cluster Manager but the first interface always is down after boot. To make it clear, let's say I have ens10p0 and ens10p1 interfaces as members of the bond, and pxe boots from ens10p0 .... (More)


In Bright 8.2 and later, you may either:
* use categories and attach the slurmclient role
* use configuration overlays and assign the slurm client role.

The cm-wlm-setup wizard by default configures the slurmclient role under the configuration overlay. That... (More)

sunya-rajagiri updated a year ago
shesprich commented 2 years ago

We are doing a lot of work on Jupyter for Bright 9.1 at the moment. It will be available for all supported Linux distributions (including RHEL/CentOS 8) and will work with all supported workload management systems. We have not decided... (More)