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High Availability
High Availability
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HA Concepts In Bright Cluster Manager; HA Setup Procedure Using cmha-setup; Managing HA

How can I configure a dedicated cloning network for HA?


There are situations where configuring a dedicated cloning network on your headnode HA is required, or would be useful. Some examples of such situations are:

  • The cluster doesn't have... (More)

How do I configure PBSPro High Availability with DAS shared storage?

Bright Cluster Manager does not support HA (High Availability) for PBSPro when the shared storage used is DAS (Please note that DRBD is no longer supported).

To achieve HA... (More)

Manually shutting down a headnode means:

  • Running the Linux shutdown or poweroff command.
  • Triggering a shutdown with sysrq.

Shutting down a HA node manually, implies manual failover. Automatic failover won’t occur in this circumstance.

Please see the "Automated Failover And... (More)