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Initialize And Finalize Scripts
Initialize And Finalize Scripts
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When Are They Used? Accessing From cmgui And cmsh Environment Variables Available Environment Variables Stored In Multiple Variables Storing A Configuration To A Filesystem Writing A Finalize Script To Configure Nodes Restricting The Script


How do I use the finalize script to transfer certificates to the nodes?

In many cases, it might be desired to use node-specific certificates for certain service, e.g.:
- Make the SSH certificates persist through full re-installation.
- Use different... (More)


The MaxReadRequest feature is used to ensure a fairer bandwidth allocation of PCI Express. It specifies the largest read request any PCI Express device can generate. To reduce the way the bus is hogged by large reads one... (More)


How do I set up a hardware RAID controller from an initialize script?

An initialize script is used when custom commands need to be executed before checking partitions and mounting devices. For example, to initialize some not-explicitly-supported hardware, or to... (More)


How do I write information out to a hard drive during pre-provisioning?

With a finalize script you write to somewhere under localdrive, which is the root of the local filesystem.
With an initialize script, things are a bit trickier.

Background... (More)