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Node Provisioning
Node Provisioning
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Before The Kernel Loads; Provisioning Nodes; The Kernel Image, Ramdisk And Kernel Modules; Node-Installer; Node States; Updating Running Nodes; Adding New Nodes; Troubleshooting The Node Boot Process

starkruzr updated 3 years ago

Can't provision compute nodes: "Failed to load ldlinux.c32"

This "cluster" is just bog-standard desktop hardware, super vanilla. The network cards are ConnectX-2 10G cards. They get through DHCP and IP address assignment, start trying to load the image but get... (More)

How do I configure Bright to manage a Self Encrypted Drive (SED)?

This article explains Bright Cluster Manager can be configured to manage a regular node with a Self Encrypted Drive (SED), so that the regular node is able to... (More)