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OpenStack and Bright


How do I configure HTTPS access for the Horizon Dashboard in Bright OpenStack?

The following procedure was tested on Bright 8.0 with OpenStack Newton.

In the following procedure the administrator configures the cluster to accept HTTPS connections to the Openstack... (More)


This article explains how to deploy the Manila file sharing service in a Bright Openstack cluster. In this deployment CephFS will be used as the storage backend.


Ceph and Bright Openstack already deployed.

A CephFS filesystem is already deployed.... (More)


How can an existing COD (Cluster On Demand) image be modified for Bright 7.3 and Bright 8.0?

Basically by resizing the image and adding what is needed.

Required elements:
Bright COD image
Image manifest
XFS tools package (xfsprogs) must be... (More)


How can Bright OpenStack be connected with GPFS?

This article explains how GPFS can be set up as a storage backend for Bright OpenStack (Cinder, Nova, Glance)

This article does not discuss how to migrate your data to GPFS. Support... (More)