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This article explains Bright Cluster Manager can be configured to manage a regular node with a Self Encrypted Drive (SED), so that the regular node is able to boot via PXE and be provisioned.

This procedure was tested on... (More)


What should be done to a cluster running Bright Cluster Manager to deal with the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities?

Action to take if running a Bright Cluster

If staying with vulnerable hardware, then software and firmware mitigation should be carried... (More)


How can I authenticate to cmgui with a one-time password?


One time password (OTP) authentication overcomes replay attacks. It allows an administrator to login to a cluster without having to worry about the password being captured by an evildoer.... (More)


How do I install FreeIPA onto a Bright Cluster?

1. Install packages:
# yum -y install ipa-server

2. Stop LDAP server:
# cmsh -c "device services master; stop ldap"

3. change the default user portal port in the webserver SSL... (More)

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