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Software Management
Software Management
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Post-Installation Software Management: Managing RPM Packages; Managing Non-RPM Packages; Custom Software Image; FrozenFile; Configuration By Image; Configuration By Adjustment


How can I install Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Forwarder on Bright 8.2?

By following the procedure outlined here:

Installing Splunk-Forwarder and building a new software image:

The method used here is to use a working regular node, with splunk-forwarder installed... (More)



yum search cm-python3

(the prefix "cm-" is important) should turn up the Bright Cluster Manager Python 3 package for more recent Bright Cluster Manager software.

A yum install of the package will then place it.

The guide below is... (More)

Managing software images with Ansible provides a number of advantages when it comes to automation and revision management. Coupling Ansible with a version control system (git for example) may improve the software image workflow and lifecycle.

Best Practice

Best practice... (More)


Why Is The SLES Graphical Console Disabled After Installation?

After the Bright head node installation for SLES, the Graphical console option is disabled. This is because it requires a manual X configuration with the sax2 utility for certain hardware, and... (More)