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Third Party Software
Third Party Software
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Modules Environment; Shorewall; Compilers; Intel Cluster Checker; CUDA For GPUs; OFED Software Stack; Lustre; ScaleMP


You will need to download the Lustre source RPM from:

Replace 2.9.0 with the desired version

The SRPM can be installed on a node that is running the correct kernel version and Mellanox OFED version:
rpm -Uvh lustre-2.9.0-1.src.rpm

After... (More)


How can I install Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Forwarder on Bright 8.2?

By following the procedure outlined here:

Installing Splunk-Forwarder and building a new software image:

The method used here is to use a working regular node, with splunk-forwarder installed... (More)



yum search cm-python3

(the prefix "cm-" is important) should turn up the Bright Cluster Manager Python 3 package for more recent Bright Cluster Manager software.

A yum install of the package will then place it.

The guide... (More)

How do I configure BeeGFS to do native IB rather than IP over IB?

Preliminary: BeeGFS Installation

By default BeeGFS is not installed on Bright Cluster Manager. Setting it up is straightforward; cm-beegfs-setup works as described in the administrator manual:... (More)

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