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User Management
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Managing Users And Groups With cmgui; Managing Users And Groups With cmsh; Using An External LDAP Server; Using Kerberos Authentication; Tokens And Profiles

How do I connect to Bright's LDAP server from a non-Bright client?

This guide should work on BCM 7.3 and higher. It was written for a head node running Centos 7.6, and a client running a freshly-installed Centos 7.6. In... (More)


How do I integrate a Bright cluster into an Active Directory domain with SSSD 's LDAP provider?

(The method in "How do I authenticate against Active Directory (AD) ?"22 ( http: // discusses a simpler way without SSSD. However, SSSD... (More)


How do I restrict access of certain modules to specific users?

I have software with limited licenses that I only want certain users to have access to. How do I make sure only those users can load the modules for... (More)


How do I configure Bright to authenticate against an external NIS server?

The examples in this article assume:

A Type 1 network. A Type 1 network is the networking layout where basically the regular nodes are on an internal network... (More)