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Workload Management
Workload Management
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X11-Forwarding does not work with Slurm, what now?

Bright Cluster Manager generates the SSH keys for cluster users using ECDSA instead of RSA algorithm. However, this might cause X11-Forwarding through srun to fail to work in some versions of Slurm... (More)


Slurmctld shows the error "we don't have select plugin type 102"

When enabling shared resources in Slurm as per the article here19, you may see the following error in /var/log/slurmctld on the headnode:

we don't have select plugin type... (More)

How can I submit TORQUE or SLURM Jobs from my Linux Desktops

Bright provides an AdvancedConfig which allows additional submit hosts. This is configured in the "/cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf" as follows.

AdvancedConfig = {"AdditionalSubmitHosts=node002,login01,user-desktop1,user-desktop2"}

It is important to note that... (More)


How can UGE use PostrgreSQL for the spooling Database?

For clusters running UGE, its plain text spool is rarely a performance bottleneck.

For busy enough clusters the BerkeleyDB is meant to be a faster way to spool, but it has... (More)