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How do I install OrangeFS?

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These instructions are tested on Bright 7.3 Centos7u3 for the head node and the compute nodes. The head node is the storage server.

  • Install the dependencies.

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs ~]# yum install libattr-devel db4-devel

  • Download the source code.

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs ~]# wget
 [root@mg-73-centos73-ofs ~]# tar xzf orangefs-2.9.6.tar.gz


  • Build OrangeFS

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs ~]# cd orangefs-2.9.6
[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# ./configure --prefix=/opt/orangefs --with-kernel=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build
[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# make
[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# make install


  • Compile and install the kernel module.

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# make kmod
[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# make kmod_prefix=/opt/orangefs kmod_install


  • Generate the server configuration.

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# /opt/orangefs/bin/pvfs2-genconfig /opt/orangefs/etc/orangefs-server.conf


  • Starting the services.

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# /opt/orangefs/sbin/pvfs2-server -f -a master /opt/orangefs/etc/orangefs-server.conf
[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# /opt/orangefs/sbin/pvfs2-server -a master /opt/orangefs/etc/orangefs-server.conf


  • Configure the software images.

    • Create pvfs2tab inside the client’s image and copy the binaries to the image.

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]#echo "`grep "Alias " /opt/orangefs/etc/orangefs-server.conf | awk '{ print $3 }' | head -n1` /mnt/orangefs pvfs2 defaults.noauto 0 0" >> /cm/images/default-image/etc/pvfs2tab

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# cp -r /opt/orangefs /cm/images/default-image/opt/
[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# mkdir /cm/images/default-image/mnt/orangefs

    • Exclude kernel kernel-headers kernel-devel from updates in yum.conf on the head node and inside the image.
    • Edit rc.local inside the software images of the clients by adding the following lines.

/usr/sbin/insmod `find /opt/orangefs -name pvfs2.ko`
/opt/orangefs/sbin/pvfs2-client -p /opt/orangefs/sbin/pvfs2-client-core
/usr/bin/mount -t pvfs2 tcp://master:3334/orangefs /mnt/orangefs

  • Reboot the nodes and wait until they come up.

  • Make sure that the OrangeFS is mounted correctly.

[root@mg-73-centos73-ofs orangefs-2.9.6]# pdsh -g category=default mount | grep orange
node001: tcp://master:3334/orangefs on /mnt/orangefs type pvfs2 (rw,relatime)
node002: tcp://master:3334/orangefs on /mnt/orangefs type pvfs2 (rw,relatime)
node003: tcp://master:3334/orangefs on /mnt/orangefs type pvfs2 (rw,relatime)