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How do I add an alias interface?

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How do I add alias interfaces to the regular nodes?



[Background note: IP aliasing allows you to configure multiple IP addresses on one physical interface. This way the node can be made to look like many different hosts, each with its own IP address, and can connect to different networks with the same physical interface.]


You can configure an alias interface via cmsh or cmgui.


Using cmsh:


# cmsh

% device interfaces node001

% add alias eth0:1

% set network internalnet

% set ip

% commit


Using cmgui

  • Choose the node to which the alias will be added from the left panel.

  • Switch to Network Setup tab.

  • Click on the “Add” button.

How do I add an alias interface?


  • Choose to add “Alias” from the popup window
  • Click “Ok”

How do I add an alias interface?


  • Fill in the alias information
    • including “Network Device Name”
    • choose a “Network” to which this alias interface will be attached
    • fill in a correct IP address
  • Click “Ok”.


How do I add an alias interface?


  • Click “Save”


After adding a new alias interface a reboot of the node should be issued for the changes to take effect.




The alias name should be in the form <valid and existing physical interface name>:<number>, otherwise it will not be created.