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How do I run a health check only for a specific set of nodes?

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With Bright 8.x this can be done using nodeexecutionfilters.



Modifying the megaraid health check to only be run on a specific set of nodes rather than on all nodes of the cluster.


First, go into the nodeexecutionfilters submode of the megaraid check:

# cmsh
% monitoring setup use megaraid
% nodeexecutionfilters

Next remove the existing filter:

% remove mega\ raid

Then, create a new filter for your specific set of nodes. For example, let's say you only want the check to run on node001 through node003:

## Note here that "onlythesenodes" is just a name, which you can change ##
% add node onlythesenodes
% set nodes node00[1-3]
% commit

After that, you can verify which nodes the megaraid check will run on using the "nodes" command while in the megaraid check's definition:

% monitoring setup use megaraid
% nodes