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Node Provisioning
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How do I boot up and provision nodes all at once?

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Sometimes, it is necessary to bring up a cluster all at once, let's say, after a maintenance period. The instructions here assume that the cluster has been previously set up. It also assumes that you have selected a number of nodes as temporary provisioning hosts.

  • Create a configuration overlay for provisioning, assign it the provisioning role, and configure which images to use. Assign nodes to this configuration overlay. In cmsh:

    % configurationoverlay
    % add temp-provisioners
    % roles
    % assign provisioning
    % set allimages onsharedstorage
    % ..
    % ..
    % append nodes node001
    % commit
  • You can then create a cmsh script that brings up the provisioners first, waits for them to be up, and then bring up the rest of the cluster:

    # mkdir -p ~/.cm/cmsh
    # vi ~/.cm/cmsh/power-on-cluster.cmsh
    configurationoverlay use temp-provisioners
    set priority 500
    power on --overlay temp-provisioners
    status --wait UP --overlay temp-provisioners
    power on -c default --delay 0.001

    # chmod 755 ~/.cm/cmsh/power-on-cluster.cmsh

    An alias is automatically created for this in `cmsh`:

    % alias
    alias - goto -
    alias .. exit
    alias / home
    alias ? help
    alias ds device status
    alias ls list
    alias power-on-cluster run /root/.cm/cmsh/power-on-cluster.cmsh <<< Automatically created.
  • Now, when you need to power on your cluster, you can just run:

    % power-on-cluster

You may have to run updateprovisioners manually to ensure that the provisioning hosts have synced images.