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Asked a question 5 years ago

How do I mount an external storage as /home?

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How do I mount an external storage as /home?

Adding an external storage mount point can be done via cmsh. This is described in the manual in the configuration chapter. In the example below nashost is the host name of the system on which the external storage is located.

[root@HeadNode1 ~]# cmsh
[HeadNode1]% category 
[HeadNode1->category]% use default 
[HeadNode1->category[default]]% fsmounts 

[HeadNode1->category[default]->fsmounts]% add /home
[HeadNode1->category*[default*]->fsmounts*[/home*]]% set device nashost:/home
[HeadNode1->category*[default*]->fsmounts*[/home*]]% set filesystem nfs
[HeadNode1->category*[default*]->fsmounts*[/home*]]% commit
[HeadNode1->category[default]->fsmounts[/home]]% show
Parameter          Value
------------------ ------

Device             nas:/home
Dump               no
Filesystem         nfs
Filesystem Check   0
Mount options      defaults
Mountpoint         /home
RDMA               no