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HPC Systems Analyst III
Asked a question 2 years ago

How do you add a new compute as a hypervisor to an existing OpenStack cluster in Bright 8.2 via CMSH?

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HPC Systems Analyst III

In addition to the information below, ensure that your new hypervisor node's network interfaces match those of an existing hypervisor (i.e. Bridge and VXlan, etc...)

$ cmsh -c "device; use n08; interfaces; list"

Type         Network device name  IP               Network
------------ -------------------- ---------------- ----------------
alias        br0:vxlan         vxlanhostnet
bridge       br0 [prov]      internalnet
physical     BOOTIF (br0)

Answer from Curtis in support:

"The set of nodes can be changed on a cluster later on, by managing the node list of the OpenStackHyperVisors configuration overlay."

This is on page 39. All that should be required is just adding the node to that "nodes" list. From there, the CO will take over and the role attached to the overlay should install and start the services:

This should be the steps:

# cmsh
% configurationoverlay
% use openstackhypervisors
% show (to see the current list)
% append nodes <which-node-you-want>
% commit