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How to prepare my cluster to install ScaleIO?

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How to prepare my cluster to install ScaleIO?

EMC provides a web interface to install ScaleIO on your cluster. The steps below need to be followed to prepare your cluster to use that web interface.

1. Installing Java 1.8.

[root@mg-73-centos7 ~]# yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk

2. Configuring CMDaemon to use a port other than port 8080 by editing the Port directive in cmd.conf.

[root@mg-73-centos7 ~]# grep Port /cm/local/apps/cmd/etc/cmd.conf Port = 8085 
[root@mg-73-centos7 ~]# service cmd restart

3. Allowing traffic to port 8443 in Shorewall by adding a new rule to /etc/shorewall/rules.

[root@mg-73-centos7 ~]# grep 8443 /etc/shorewall/rules 
ACCEPT   net            fw              tcp     8443 
[root@mg-73-centos7 ~]# service shorewall restart

4. Adding the following lines to the excludelistupdate, excludelistgrab, excludelistgrabnew, and excludelistsyncinstall.

- /opt/emc/scaleio/* - /bin/emc/scaleio/* - /etc/init.d/scini

5. Stopping httpd.

[root@mg-73-centos7 ~]# service httpd stop

6. Following the instructions in the ScaleIO deployment guide.

7. Steps 2 and 5 can be reverted if the web interface will not be used to maintain ScaleIO.