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HPC Infrastructure Architect
Asked a question 2 years ago

I am trying to log into Bright View for the very first time. I have done my best searching through the manuals and Google to try and find out what the default username/password is supposed to be. I have failed. I didn't see anywhere in the "cm-cod-azure" script where I was supposed to set that. I don't have a password for root because I am using SSH keys... Does anyone know the answer?

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HPC Infrastructure Architect

OK. I found the answer to this on myself. So this is to save anyone else from wasting their time trying to figure this out from the manual.

I logged into my head node via my ssh keys as the root user. Then I executed the following:

cd ~/cm
grep password cm-bright-setup.conf

This value was probably randomly set because I didn't specify --cluster-password when I created the COD.

Then I logged into Bright View using root and the username and the password listed in this file. Problem solved.