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Asked a question 3 months ago

I have added two nodes to my cluster. The nodes have 2 sockets, with 16 cores with hyperthreading turned off. so a total of 32 CPU's per node. Slurm reports S:C:T = 32:1:1 so 32 sockets with 1 core and 1 thread. How do I change this to the correct 2:16:1 ?

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To awnser my own question:

In Bright View, goto 'Devices', select the node, edit node, goto settings tab and select 'Roles'. You will see greyed out slurmclient and slurmsubmit roles. Click 'Add' and select the slurmclient role. You have to set the 'WLM cluster' and 'Queues' settings.

This will override the settings provided by the overlay for this node.

The socket:cores:threads settings are found in 'POWER SAVING ALLOWED and 12 other parameters'