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Installing BCM
Asked a question 5 months ago

Monitor input timing issue with graphical installer? I am attempting install on Dell Poweredge R740s and I am (only) able to produce a BIOS (not UEFI)-bootable USB for the install. However, when I select graphical, the monitor I am using for the install goes blank, then displays the message "The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display. Please change your input timing to 1920x1080, 60Hz or any other monitor listed timing as per the monitor specifications." There's no way to change this setting in the monitor or BIOS. I have tried multiple monitors via VGA without success. Display on typically headless servers is limited. I can boot into the text installer, however it seems to be missing a number of important features for the install (CUDA and NVIDIA drivers, workload manager, etc.) Is this a known issue? What are options in this case for a graphical or full-featured install?

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The problem is specific to the package developed for Dell EMC hardware.  Downloading the 'generic/other' package solves the monitor timing issue and allows graphical install.