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On Bright easy8 9.1, I'm trying to configure a Slurm Gres resource. Following the instructions on p264 of admin manual, "use slurmclient" fails with "Unable to find 'slurmclient'". "list" shows Name (key) ----------------------------------- [overlay:slurm-client] slurmclient [overlay:slurm-submit] slurmsubmit Any ideas?

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In Bright 8.2 and later, you may either:
* use categories and attach the slurmclient role
* use configuration overlays and assign the slurm client role.

The cm-wlm-setup wizard by default configures the slurmclient role under the configuration overlay. That is likely why the commands aren't succeeding under the category. 

You can try:
# cmsh
% configurationoverlay
% use slurm-client
% roles
% use slurmclient

You should now be able to configure the GRES resources.


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