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Asked a question 2 years ago

Would anyone like to share a step by step procedure on upgrading SLURM on Bright Cluster Manager 8.1?

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It can be as easy as doing a 

yum update slurm*

on the head node, and

yum update slurm-client* --installroot /cm/images/<YOUR_IMAGE>

on the software images. You can then run "imageupdate" on the compute nodes, and restart the Slurm service on those nodes.

If you're looking to upgrade to Slurm 19, for example, you would need to remove the current Slurm packages, and install the "slurm19*" packages.

1. Disable Slurm 18.

# wlm-setup -w slurm -d

2. Remove Slurm 18 packages.

# yum remove slurm*
# yum remove slurm-client --installroot /cm/images/<YOUR_IMAGE>

Repeat for all software images.

Retain a list of which packages were removed. You can also verify that the Slurm configs and DB are there.

3. Install Slurm 19 packages.

# yum install <replace slurm with slurm19 packages from list above>
# yum install slurm19-client --installroot /cm/images/<YOUR_IMAGE> 

Repeat for all software images.

4. Re-enable Slurm.

# wlm-setup -w slurm -s