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This article describes how to configure Cluster Extension cloudbursting to AWS on a Bright 7.3 cluster without relying on OpenVPN for communication between the headnode and the cloud director, but instead relying on an existing IP connectivity to/from the VPC... (More)

How do I delete COD (Cluster on Demand) clusters?

[Background note: COD clusters are clusters that run with Bright's cluster-management software, entirely within AWS or Azure. You can create a COD cluster using Bright's Customer Portal, or by using a... (More)

Why should I use snapshots?

Because it reduces the provisioning times of your cloud nodes.

Some more background details

By default, all newly-created cloud nodes, and their associated EBS volumes, are empty. This means that the first time a node... (More)

Setting Amazon AWS Cloudbursting policies

Policies in AWS are implemented from the AWS console for the region. For EU-West-1 the URL to manage policies is currently:

An option to "create a new policy" can be selected there.
The following... (More)