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This article describes how to configure Cluster Extension cloudbursting to AWS on a Bright 7.3 cluster without relying on OpenVPN for communication between the headnode and the cloud director, but instead relying on an existing IP connectivity to/from the VPC... (More)

This article describes how to configure cm-cluster-extension to an already existing VPC (and vpc subnets).

  • Start cm-cluster-extension CLI tool, select "Add cloud provider" menu entry.
  • Follow on-screen instructions up until the "Summary" screen. When selecting "region" select the region which... (More)

Advanced customization of Amazon EC2 instances — attaching snapshots

In some cases there is a need to automatically attach an EBS volume created from a snapshot to a newly-created node. The script (cm-attach-ec2-snapshot) attached to the end of this article... (More)

How do I configure cloud nodes on the fly?

To start or stop cloud nodes dynamically according to current jobs needs you can use the cloud-resize utility. This utility is provided by Bright Cluster Manager, version 6.0 and higher.

To... (More)