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How can I configure a dedicated cloning network for HA?


There are situations where configuring a dedicated cloning network on your headnode HA is required, or would be useful. Some examples of such situations are:

  • The cluster doesn't have... (More)

Manually shutting down a headnode means:

  • Running the Linux shutdown or poweroff command.
  • Triggering a shutdown with sysrq.

Shutting down a HA node manually, implies manual failover. Automatic failover wonโ€™t occur in this circumstance.

Please see the "Automated Failover And... (More)

Notes on deploying OpenStack on HA Clusters
We start with a single headnode cluster:
- deploy openstack
- add second headnode


Bright Cluster Manager 7.0 (OpenStack Icehouse)
One headnode is configured
Second headnode is not configured yet
At least... (More)

How do I deploy Bright OpenStack 7.1 (Juno) on an HA cluster?

Deploying a Bright OpenStack 7.1 cluster is explained here. The deployment is described for OpenStack running with or without Ceph storage. For Deployments withouth Ceph, the Ceph-related paragraphs... (More)