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How do I connect to Bright's LDAP server from a non-Bright client?

This guide should work on BCM 7.3 and higher. It was written for a head node running Centos 7.6, and a client running a freshly-installed Centos 7.6. In... (More)

How do I integrate ldap-passwd-webui with Bright?

What is ldap-passwd-webui?

A simple tool, written entirely in Python.
The original tool can be found at
It allows the end user to change their password via a web interface.

To allow... (More)

How can I integrate Keystone with LDAP?

Here it is assumed that OpenStack was set up by Bright Cluster Manager 7.1 and is up and running.

The following steps describe the procedure needed to configure Keystone to use LDAP as... (More)