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Bright Cluster-on-Demand for OpenStack is a component of Bright OpenStack. It allows Bright OpenStack users to create virtual Bright clusters inside a Bright OpenStack private cloud. The virtual clusters look and feel the same as a real world physical... (More)

"could not find capabilities for domaintype=kvm" during OpenStack deployment inside virtual machine. Now what?

If Bright OpenStack is being deployed on top of KVM, then it is almost certainly a nested virtualization issue.

Summary Of Issue

Virtual machines are commonly... (More)

How do I install and use ospurge in Bright Cluster Manager 7.3 OpenStack?


The following packages are needed:

  • git
  • python34
  • python34-pip
  • python34-devel

You can install them with:

yum install git python34 python34-pip python34-devel

The ospurge software must also be... (More)

Notes on deploying OpenStack on HA Clusters
We start with a single headnode cluster:
- deploy openstack
- add second headnode


Bright Cluster Manager 7.0 (OpenStack Icehouse)
One headnode is configured
Second headnode is not configured yet
At least... (More)