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Slurmctld shows the error "we don't have select plugin type 102"

When enabling shared resources in Slurm as per the article here20, you may see the following error in /var/log/slurmctld on the headnode:

we don't have select plugin type... (More)

X11-Forwarding does not work with Slurm, what now?

Bright Cluster Manager generates the SSH keys for cluster users using ECDSA instead of RSA algorithm. However, this might cause X11-Forwarding through srun to fail to work in some versions of Slurm... (More)

How do I share resources in Slurm?

By default, Slurm is configured such that it allocates an entire node to a job which requests a subset of the resources.
You need to configure the partition to be shared.

In slurm.conf... (More)

Bright Cluster Manager does not write to the Slurm accounting database.