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Hi damiano64

As per the machine learning section of our manual:

"From Bright Cluster Manager version 9.0 onward the activation step via a wizard is not needed—the repository is automatically available and enabled."

After installation of Bright 9.0, the... (More)


Hi rkudyba

As you have a support request open for this, we will work on the issue there.
However, for the benefit of the community, you may check the cm-upgrade.log file to determine the reason the upgrade failed.

On the... (More)


To confirm:
You would like to be able to make changes to the sdb filesystem on either the active or passive headnodes and that be automatically synchronised between the headnodes? 


In general, the /etc/resolv.conf file on a compute node is managed by the node installer during provisioning.
Please see:

The "non-headnode" we're talking about, is that a login node perhaps? Else, what function does it serve?

If you wish... (More)


Hi tcooper

I can see you've opened a support request for this issue. We will investigate this for you as soon as possible. Once we have an outcome, we'll update this question for the benefit of everyone else in the... (More)

Could you confirm the Bright version and the distribution (CentOS, Ubuntu, SLES) you are trying to install as an Addon installation? Thank you.


On the primary active head node, take a look in the /var/log/cloneinstalllog file. It should show the reason for the failure. 


For future reference incase someone else comes across this issue, the Bright ISO comes with a 2 node trial license by default.
Installing your Easy8 license is documented here in the installation manual:


If the chassis is a standalone entry in Bright with each blade showing as separate compute nodes, you may close the device to disable monitoring.
For example:

# cmsh
% device use c6000-1
% close

This will disable monitoring and... (More)


Generally, after resolving the issue the health check is reporting, you can run the "samplenow" command to get the latest status. The "samplenow" command allows you to run health checks on demand.

For example, if node001 is showing an alert... (More)

An Easy 8 license currently allows access to Bright 8.2. 
Easy 8 will have access to Bright 9.0 sometime after it is released publicly.


We do provide HDF5 packages.
You may check the available packages from our package dashboard here:


The upgrade process for 8.2 to 9.0 will be released in Q1 of 2020.

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